Description of location

Tierra Olivo villa is located in the south outskirts of Lithakia, a picturesque  village. Although the village itself resides at an altitude of 115m above sea level, our villa is just a few meters from the sandy coast, providing excellent options both for sea and for mountain lovers.

The village of Lithakia, one of the oldest settlements in the island, has not been particularly affected by the mass tourism that prevails in the rest of Zakynthos, preserving its traditional architecture and way of life, as well as its natural beauty. It will also offer to the visitor a few of the extant pieces of the Ionian Sea architectural style of the 19th and the early 20th century, distinctive by the stone-built homes with tiled roofs, which have managed to survive the earthquake of 1953.

Although the place offers total tranquility and peace of mind, you can easily find everything that you may need in a short distance, including a multitude of excellent traditional Greek restaurants, convenience stores or souvenir shops.

Additionally, the very location of the Lithakia is an asset in itself, since it resides between the famous resort of Laganas in the east, with a vast variety of restaurants, bars and nightclubs and the charming fishing village of Keri, with its wonderful nearby lake, a few miles in its south.

Distances [average estimated time by car] :
  •  Tragaki: [18 km]
  •  Zakynthos town: [13 km]
  •  “Dionysios Solomos” Zakynthos International Airport: [10 km]
  •  Port of Zakynthos: [9.3 km]
  •  Bochali: [12 km]
  •  Ammoudi: [21 km]
  •  Alikanas: [22 km]
  •  Argassi: [13 km]
  •  Laganas: [2.9 km]
  •  Kiliomenos: [10 km]
  •  Agios Sostis: [1.3 km]
  •  Vasilikos: [23.7 km]
  •  Volimes: [36.7 km]
  •  Shipwreck beach: [32.6 km]
  •  Porto Vromi: [33.9 km]


Zakynthos is the third largest of the Ionian Islands, accessible from Kyllini on the Peloponnese, about 9.5 nautical miles [approximately 1 hour by ferry] away from the mainland. This verdant «Fior di Levante», as it was being called in the years of the Venetian conquerors that have left their mark indelibly in the island’s culture, is the ultimate holiday destination as it combines culture, historical tradition, natural beauty, excellent food and many opportunities for countryside or seaside excursions.


The island’s coastline varies, with the western coastline [about 34 km in length] being rocky and steep, with spectacular caves, inlets and small bays, and the eastern coastline [37 km in length] adorned by beautiful beaches with sand or pebble and crystal clear waters, ideal for swimming, diving and other water activities and sports.


While exploring this natural paradise, you will come across rare ecological treasures such as the National Marine Park of Zakynthos, the Caretta caretta birth site beaches and the Mediterranean Monk Seal biotope, unique sea caves such as the Blue Caves, important historical monasteries and, of course, many picturesque villages [Ano Gerakari, Alykes, Skoulikado, Agia Marina, Macherado, Agalias, Keri, Kiliomenos].